The Pink Bubble


This technique is used to bring about goals, intentions or wishes.

You will need the following items for this spell:


Casting Directions for ‘The Pink Bubble’

Ground, and Shield yourself before beginning. I want you to sit, or lay down, in a comfortable position.Focus your focus on you breathing for a few breaths. Possibly, 3. Listen to every inhale, and exhale.Feel your own breathing. Become aware of your breathing. I would like you to feel yourself getting deeper, and deeper into meditation. Let go of anxiety, anxieties, and energy. Feel every muscle inside your body getting relaxed.Once you feel relaxed I would like you to vision something you desire, it can be anything. Example: a goal, a desire, a desire, a need, anything. Try as clearly as you can, and picture it. Keep it in your head.I then want you to picture a pink bubble encircle the thing you desire. Picture the bubble. Notice the color. You desire. They are both real. Pink is the colour associated with the heart. When this colours vibrations surround whatever you imagine it’ll bring what it is you wish to you. You have to understand that it is only going to bring something that which is in perfect affinity something of good intentions. After a couple of seconds I want you to envision that the bubble drifting into the world, and into the air. You would like. They will float into space. (This symbolizes that you’re emotionally Letting go of this item. Letting go allows you to stop thinking about it. It will no longer hold you back from your everyday life, but it is going to come back to you in return. It might take a while but it is going to come when you’re ready.) Envision yourself floating in space, after you allow the bubble drift off. I want you to collect. Follow the path of the bubble. As soon as you’re in the middle of space I want you to absorb energy from the planets, the moon, the sun and the stars. Absorb the energy for a couple of seconds. This will make you one with the world. It will make you one with your higher-self. Keep thinking about your desire, intention, goal, etc.. Then imagine every one of your Chakras enlarging and awakening. Imagine the light connecting with that bubble and shooting from your Chakras you let go. You should visualize a rainbow linking you. This is linking you to your desire, goal, intention, etc.. Imagine the rainbow manifest into a million colorful butterflies. They should surround you for a couple seconds and then fly into the bubble.Slowly make your way back down to earth, close your chakras, and gradually open you eyes. Stay seated, or lying down, for a few seconds to admit your vibrations.Move your palms, then toes, then head. You can now get up.Keep thinking about your goal, wish, intention, or whatever it’s that you wanted, during the day.

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