Revenge love spell


By “revenge love” I mean that this charm has very specific circumstances such as casting. He told me he loved me and for me , I was seeing a man, and I loved him, and he hurt me. He used me. I was lied to by him. He did a lot. I know I must try and forgive him, but I do not want to let go. Understand the consequences of casting this spell. This spell is for men and women who were deceived by one who claimed they were loved by them . The objective of this spell is to make every lie about having for you becomes real for them, and the love they whined. It’s your choice whether you want to walk away and leave them like they did to you or to stay with them once this happens and you are pursued by them.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Two cards: both of the devil and cups
A picture of you and the person the spell is directed at (preferably together but separate is okay)
Rose quartz
clear quartz
pink or rose candles
Other items the person casting the spell associates with love ie) a real rose
Something the person that was intended gave you for example a love note, a necklace whatever

Casting Directions for ‘Revenge love spell’

A brief note: love spells are an topic that is iffy. Tampering with free will is an unethical thing to do. Revenge is unethical. Keep this in mind before casting any other spell, and consider the probable consequences.

Do this on a Friday.
Do all the things you would in preparation of spell work. Simply take a cleansing bath, meditate, cleanse your area etc.. Get all of your items personally, I would organize the two of cups in front of me on the left, the devil on the right, and the picture in the middle with my piece of rose quartz right above it. The rest of my crystals I would arrange in a circle round the cards, or around myself.

Draw your circle; if you want to call the quarters or any deities, it’s all up to you. If you want to light your candles or incense. Stare at the image of you and your lover. Remember how it felt when he told you he loved you. Feel the safety of his arms remember how his lips feel against yours, bring back to yourself love you feel for him. It’s real real. Draw on the two of cups and raise energy. It is okay to smile, even encouraged. Remember when you looked at him you felt that wave of elation sweep through you. Embrace that energy, fill the ring. Spend some time thinking about things. About how you hurt. Think about him calling you up telling you he misses you that he was a fool to let you go and hurt you. Imagine love for you and obsession with you completely enveloping and consumed him. Raise energy, when you’ve spent a substantial amount of time meditating on this and making it real in your minds eye. Feel it vibrating through you. During this part you will want to focus on the energy of the Devil. See it melding with all the energy that you raised. It’s okay to feel rage here. To feel how you were betrayed by him and you need to reciprocate it. Imagine the love along with yourself and obsession you have felt for him as ribbons that bind you and snake around you. Imagine this energy. The love that has bound your energy is different from the energy you raised, but now you will let the energy you raised the energy that bound you to feed. Let it grow and meld into obsession and an intense love. Once it is strong enough, close your eyes and send it. Watch this energy snaking around him and binding him with love and obsession and as you send it say the words “let him experience the devotion he professed to have for me let him be made to feel in full what he evoked in me, let me be freed from the chains of love so that he may be bound by them. So mote it be.” Close ground and the circle.

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