Wolf Transformation


I have not tested this spell, it’s the first one I have made and going to test it when I have the time. Email me if worked, or have some questions.

You may need the following items for this spell:

•Night or Day
•Full or New moon (Optional)
•Focused, Meditated, Mind Cleared of other thoughts
•5 Candles (Optional)
•Bracelet/Necklace/Ring, stated Bracelet but if use of a necklace or a ring you can substitute it.

Casting Directions for ‘Wolf Transformation’

You may say this if felt in need to or want. Sit in a comfortable position, if you would like then you don’t have to memorize the spell. Now, anyways-

The Spell-

“Whimper of wolves
Howls in the night
Make me a wolf at midnights light
With this bracelet I wear on my right
Allow me to change even in others sight
May I feel the desire or thought, shall I become and change into a wolf. May I think of my transformation, shall I be in wolf form. May my (__) fur be bold, may my teeth be sharp, may my eyes be (__). Shall I run quickly, hunt, whimper, growl and howl. Shall my tail be long, may I be powerful. Ancient powers of unknown, please hear me out, my powers shall be (_____).”

On the parts that say (__) you get to choose your appearance. On the last of the spell wear it states (_____) you can place more than one power. If you want the power to fly, you may add “May I have wings by my desire, even without in my wolf form, my bracelet will give me the power of flight.” , and even then, you can replace Bracelet with whatever you chose. If you would like to be immortal, you can add it to powers or include “Powers of my beliefs and wishes, please, I will live forever, being immortal, I stop aging at (__)” and Of Course! , it is possible to choose what age you stop aging at. You don’t need to though. Feel free to remove whatever you don’t need to be there in your form, transform words into ones you understand but make sure they make sense!

It is also possible to meditate if you feel the need, just as before, after, or both.

Be Safe and Have Fun here on Spells of Magic!

Sincerely yours and for eternities to come~
~Lunar Elia~

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17 thoughts on “Wolf Transformation”

  1. has anybody gotten this to work? I always wanted to be a werewolf.I want to try this sometime and i have a question,do you need the bracelet,ring,necklace etc. to transform? or can you shift without it? Please give me answers I really want to be a werewolf….

  2. I tried this out already with one of my bracelets that I had, but idk how to shift but I feel my body adjusting to me being able to become the one with nature and my favorite animal, The wolf, but idk how to shift can someone please tell me how or tell me a video I can watch to learn how to shift?


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