Becme a Vampire


This spell transforms you into a vampire. I wouldn’t recommend performing it unless you truly are serious about Turning. This spell is to be carried out on the night of a New moon.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Sterilized Needle
White Candle
Items to Represent the Elements
Something to produce a circle on the floor with (chalk, rope, string, etc.)
Cup of Dirt
Picture of Yourself(can be attracted or a photograph, old or new)
Wand (Optional)
Athame or just a plane knife

Casting Directions for ‘Become a Vampire’

First, you will need to cast a circle. If you do not know how to do this, then Google it. You can use a wand to help control your energy. Place an item in every directon of the circle as you call the components and invoke the God and Goddess. You can use salt to purify your circle by sprinkling it around the perimeter. Now that all of this is completed, we can begin the spell.
Sit in the center of the circle, staring down at the photo of yourself. All of your componeni tshould be inside of this circle. Light the white candle and sit it next to the photo. Say:
“Humanity, Humanity, inside of my soul. For you, I’ve paid the ultimate toll. My humanity is like my life- It’s like a flame. But I’m tired of this boring game. Everything is always the same.”
Pick up your athame/knife and hold it above the photograph of yourself. Say:
“I no longer want to live or ever tire. I need to dse and be reborn. Not as a human, but as a vampire.” Stab the photo of yourself with the knife and then pick up the dirt and sprinkle it over the photo. Say:
“With this dirt that’s part of the world. May my humanity be buried and never return. There’s no going back from this new torment. No longer shall I understand humanity. No longer will I live like others. No longer will I eat or breathe. I thirst for blood. I live for blood. I breathe for blood. Gods and Goddesses, please fulfill my transformation.”
Pick up the needle and prick your middle finger (it hurts less with this finger) and then use your blood to put out the fire. Say:
“I’m reborn. The transformation is complete.”
Drink the rest of the blood from your wound and clean everything up. It is best if you do this before bed. The transformation differs from person to person. Okay, hope this spell works for you. Blessed Be )O( i

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