Blood Chalice Offering


A spell of offering to the lords for whose who seek their knowledge.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 Purified Silver Chalice
Candles are stemmed by 2 Long
2 Short stalk Black Candles
1 Inverted and barbed wire cross
1 Half chalice of blessed holy water
1 Black alter cloth
1 Black obsid
1 Vials worth of fresh blood in your veins

Casting Directions for ‘Blood Chalice Offering’

With lay out your ch sge cloth to begin when lit asnthe centre piece space the briefer beside them about a hand and a half 40,, and then add the candles the two to the back with the inverted cross.

Place your obsidian shard with its longest points between the crosss bottom and the position directly infront of it and then put down your purified chalice at least half filled with holy water near two the tip of the obsidian so the energy brought down by the candles and the negative cross can blend with the chalices.

Hear me my lords, your servant offers you blood from veins as a tribute to knowledge and your own power Add the blood slowly making sure not to spill any. I am your slave, who pledges his loyalty int oyour path and gives a part of myself to seek you out, who does make this offering of defiled holy water breaking the purity and enabling your power to reign

Take the chalice from the change and raise it up above your heart level.Hear me as I your servant calls to you my offering be made and on my name I vow to follow the path you have for me till my final breath set the chalice back on your alter then allow yourself to calm before you clean up.


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