Dark Reflection


Legends about mirrors have been around for centuries. In particular, some civilizations believed that there was a type of purifying effect to mirrors. They believed that, by appearing one’s reflection in the eyes, it might transfer a person’s negative energy into the reflection in the mirror. They believed that this had a cleansing effect, but also hidden dangers. That is why breaking a mirror has been known to cause bad luck. If this is correct, then each time you look into a mirror you’re moving negative energy into it. When you break the mirror, then that negative energy is released and causes bad luck for everybody around it.

You may need the following items for this spell:

A mirror
1 candle of any colour
something to light the candle with
A friend to preform with

Casting Instructions for ‘Dark Reflection’

For this to work, you’ll need a mirror you do not mind breaking. Both the risk and the reward are more pweoful the older the mirror is.

To be able to start, you must look your reflection in the eyes; transferring your negative energy into the mirror. You then need to fog up the mirror wirth your breath. By breathing into the mirror, you are symbolically linking yourself to the mirror and its negative energy inside. Evryone in the group needs to do the same before heading to the next step. After this is finished, you can light the candle. Use the candle to burn the mirror, this agitates the negative energy within the mirror. This only needs to be done for a few seconds OR until there’s a noticeable black mark on the mirror. Bear in mind the longer you do that, the more agitated the negative energy gets.

Following this, the final step is breaking the mirror. Once this step is completed, start running. It’s actually a common misconception that, when an individual breaks a mirror, they will be followed by bad luck. This is not correct. When a mirror is broken, the bad energy estays in one spot, near the broken mirror, until it finally dissipates. Or, at least, normally it will.

If you completed the above steps, then you have tied yourself to the negative energies, through te medium of your breath. This means that the negative energy will pursue you wherever you go. This is why I said earlier that it would be better to complete this ritual with a group. If there is only one person doing this ritual, then all the negative energy will pursue that one person, but if there’s a group, then the negative energy will be spread morethinly. This increases your chances of survival. Bad luck will follow you through the evening. At first, it is going to start out as little events, a chipped nail or a flat tire. The incidents will start to escalate though as increasingly horrific things bhegi n to happen around you. Eventually, these incidents will become life threatening, no matter how many people you did the ritual with. Like I said, do not begin this ritual unless you’re planning to finish it.

The onlybit of advice I can provide you for surviving the night is to bear in mind that the negative energy is connected to you through your breath. Your breath is how the negative energy finds you and so, if you find yourself in a bad position, try holding your breath. This should make you temporarily invisible to it. Needless to say, you can only hold your breath for so long.

The bad luck will chase you during the night, but if you are able to survive until dawn, not only will you find that your run of foul luck has finished, but a new streak of good luck is about to begin. The first lights of dawn have a special, purifying property. If you survive until the morning, then the negative energy inside the mirror will be purified and will re-enter your body, filling you to the brim with pos itive energy. After this, everything will appear to go your way. You’ll find that people are usually nicer to you and that the opposite sex are very attrcted to you (or the same sex, if that’s your thing). You ill succeed at whatever you do, whether it be a job interview, an important exam, or a business venture. I would highly suggest purchasing a lottery ticket.

One more thing I should probably warn you about is the time of the ritual. The ritual has to be initiated after sunset and with at least six hours before dawn. Two common tricks that people attempt to use when it comes to this ritual are starting during the daytime and starting a couple of minutes before dawn. Starting near dawn is probably the least dangerous of these little cheats. If you start near the sunrawise then the negative energy will not have sufficient time to fully manifest before being purified. The energy will then simply dissipate into the air rather than doing anything and you’ll most likely walk away believing it was a gigantic hoax. Starting during the day is more dangerous. Folks start during the day believing that the daylight will immediately nuke the bad energy and keep them safe. This is not true. Notice that I said it was the lights of dawn that have the purifying power, not the light of day. By beginning dung the day, you truly give the bad luck more time to pursue you and consriquently decrease your odds of survival significantly.e

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