Wings Spell Paper


This is a spell cast.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Paper Coloring Materials A pencil A hiding place Good at art

Casting Directions for ‘Wings Spell Paper’

First, get a paper, pencil, and out coloring materials. Make sure that your paper is landscape (horizontal). Draw a pentagram (star with circle around it) in the exact middle of this paper. Draw your wings in the middle of the paper around the pentagram. In the ancient language (optional) write, on the top of the newspaper, Color, type, wings

Next, fold it so that the two wings are now touching each other. Be sure that you can’t see the wings on the outside of the newspaper.

Now, write down all of the features on this side of the paper. I need red dragon wings, and this is the material I wrote for characteristics; Red Webbed Dragon Wings, Black Bones through wings, A yellowish talon in addition to the wings, VERY STRONG, Can fold into back and come out effortlessly, Each wing is 15 feet long, Cannot rip through a sweatshirt when on, are indestructible, can light on fire, without hurting host, by server yelling “Brisingr!”

Now, fold paper so the bottom of the page goes to the top, and draw a pentagram. In the middle of the star, write Brisingr, or the color of wings you desire. I wrote Brisingr since my wigs are light on fire, and fire in the ancient language is brisingr.

Now, fold so the bottom of that little segment is at the top.

Now, write, “Gods and Goddesses of the air, My wings shall be (colour) and (ft.) long, By the Power of three, MOTE IT BE”

Last, fold this section’s bottom to the top. Draw a mini version of the wings you drew at first, but only one of those wings. DO NOT COLOR THIS WING! Turn to the other side, and write your name, or a nickname you go by. Put in a hiding place. Now every night for a week, chant this before bed, “God, please grant me the wings onto a sheet of paper hidden in this room. Send down your angels that are best at awarding wings to me. I will never cause harm with my wings. I promise. MOTE IT BE!”

In a week, your wings will begin to grow.

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  1. Hey, i really want to try this but first i want to know what time i should do the spell. If anyone’s tried this i’d also like to know side effects and how it works for them! If you don’t believe, don’t hate on me and please leave this site(i’ve seen plenty of haters)


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