Multi-Religion Wings Spell


This charm can be altered to match any faith. Made to help wings grow. Nu supplies needed. Message me with any questions or results.

You will need the following items for this spell:


Casting Instructions for ‘Multi-Religion Wings Spell’

Okay, so you read over the spell, just to make sure you won’t stutter or anything. Then just say the spell, putting all your energy into it.

Wings, wings, come to me
Elements I call to thee
Earth is my return to rest
Air is my supporter in flight
Fire is my desire for wings
Water is my blood which yearns for the sky
I wish for wings on the plane
The wings’ color will reflect my soul
My bones will change
Thinner and hollow, but strong and unbreakable
My lungs will split, giving me air sacs
So air will be forever flowing through me
My heart, pumping blood inside me
Will become bigger and more efficent for flight
My muscles, together with my loss of weight
Will become even more powerful than a bull
Whenever I am hurt or injured
My body will heal almost instantly
I will speak the speech of birds
So with fellow fliers we may live
Adapting and evolving are nature’s greatest tools
So with powers earned and needed
I shall recieve powers which shall help me live
With my soul belonging to only the skies
My main wish is to fly
Birds of the skies are the Best creations
I will receive traits of all
Grace of an eagle
Silence of an owl
Agility of a hummingbird
Speed of a falcon
Endurance of an albatross
I will fly higher than any other bird ever will
Wings, wings come to me
Part avian is what I wish to be
To fly in the sky and breathe in the sea
God/dess grant my wish

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