Light as a Feather


This is something of a meditation technique I discovered by accident. It allows you to momentarily feel light as a feather, like you can drift into the sky.

You will need the following items for this spell:


Casting Directions for ‘Light as a Feather’

First, before you begin. This charm doesnt make you feel lighter gradually, it’s extremely surprising, and can be very surprising. The moment I feel light Im always shocked out of concentration, so this is a momentary spell.
To begin, go to your place outside that’s quiet and has a completely clear view of the sky, and put down. Dont do anything just yet, just relax. Clear your mind, and look to the skies. Relax, and try to let your body become loose and relaxed. This is the meditation step.
Next, now that youve relaxed, direct your thoughts to the skies. Think about just how big it is, how high it goes. The sky is extremely large, almost infinite. There is a whole lot of space between you and the edge of the sky, earths atmosphere.
Now that youve pictured how high the sky is, picture how deep it is, and the distance beyond it. The sky is large, but where it ends the pitch black abyss of space starts. It goes on and on continuously, swallowing all. Try to feel it being heavy like the ocean, but bottomless, and engulfing everything.
*Suddenly, the sky switches from feeling tall to feeling deep, and you feel extremely light. Youll feel like youll fall into the deep sea of the sky. The sudden weightlessness is similar to when youre dreaming and you fall, it surprises you so much you wake and wake yourself up. I jump, even when I know what to expect.

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