Levitating Guide and Practice


This might or may not help you on levitating. Note that levitating takes years to conquer, this may or may not shorten that period of time.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A Powerful Mind Patience Will Power Relaxation

Casting Directions for ‘Levitating Exercise and Guide’

This is not the easiest thing to do, please be aware that. If it doesn’t work, try and try and try, even tougher, again. You’ll receive it in time.

For this to work, do my meditating technique first (under the Spell Casters Coven rituals). That will clear your mind, thus it will be easier. Though, it’s optional.

Stand or sit (for beginners, I suggest sitting) somewhere in a spacewise room. Sit cross legged and put your hands on your knees. Relax now.

Breathe in through the nose, and out through the mouth. Close your eyes and imagine you are in the skies, birds around you, chirping and singing. Now imagine you are floating over water, the seashores rising up against the sand and relaxing sound of water. Now imagine floating over a stone in a graceful field, animals lurking, yet not fighting, around you. Imagine yourself back and repeat this over and over again in your mind.

Now say the following chant:

“Skies and birds,
Above my head.
Worth it most,
Worth it least.
The gravity within me is now released.
Let me fly,
Into the sky.
Where I shall be relaxed and calm,
Place this gravity into my palm.
Never falling,
Never fearing.
Over the pier,
In that I fly,
Take this body,
Into the skies.”

Open your eyes. Are you floating? Otherwise, try again. Repeat this chant as many times as you must to levitate.

Bear in mind however, do NOT fear flying. That will eliminate concentration and you will probably fall. If you want to prevent yourself from fear of heights, then I suggest going to someplace high and looking down. Then imagine yourself falling from that point without yelling, and you land without a scratch. I suggest that the Empire State Building, but if you can’t, maybe just a cliff or your roof, or an oversize stone.

Additionally, to get back down, close your eyes and imagine yourself floating down slowly in the sky, at the sea, and on the field. Be certain that you float down SLOWLY!! You don’t need to break your spine. After thinking of this, say the following chant:

“Weightless and large,
I now have a sigh.
All the atmosphere within me,
Released upon my grasp.
Give me gravity,
Give me safety.
Floating down onto the ground,
Make me property without a pound.”

Now, for any confusing towards those chants, I will define them:

CHANT 1: Levitating

The first couple of lines describe you losing gravity.
The next few lines explain how you will and must act within the atmosphere.
The last few lines explain how you will not fall and how much you want to levitate.

CHANT 2: Landing

The first couple of lines explain how high you are.
The next few lines describe how you’re releasing levitation.
The last couple of lines describe how gravity is transferred back to you.

Those are 2 chants you must know.

**Credit to all the “Light as a feather, stiff as a board.” Chants for the idea.

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