The Wing Ritual of Larentia


Another wing ritual. I keep getting ideas for spells I have already done, so bear with me.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Labradorite Celestite Clear Quartz Fluorite Feather String Small Bag or Sachet A Bonfire A Full Moon Night-Time A Red Candle, a Green Candle, a Blue Candle and a Yellow Candle Belief

Casting Directions for ‘Larentia’s Wing Ritual’

Memorize the spell, then set up a bonfire and get the fire big at a hopefully closed off area of forest or plains or even rocks, away from other people. Place and light the elemental candles, placing them around the fire in their different directions (i.e. east for air/yellow, north for water/blue, south for fire/red and west for earth/green) while calling them to the circle. Begin with east and work your way clockwise around the fire. Place the gemstones in a little bag and hold it or hang it around a body part or belt loop. Tie the feather around your neck, then sit on your knees to the east of the fire, so the yellow candle is in front of you.
Consider your wish for wings, and close your eyes. Enter a meditative state. Concentrate on that wish. Imagine soaring through the sky. Imagine taking off, landing, flying, gliding. Practically feel the wind in your wings. Feel the freedom. Feel how good it feels to fly. Continue focusing until you feel calm, and feel the freedom of flight. Imagine the whole process of wing growth. See nubs form and grow as your wing bones form. Envision your primaries poking out, then extending from your own back. Then imagine them folding down slightly as the remaining tails slide out, “elbows” first, then completely pulling out, tinged with blood, but not bloody, and folding on your back. Now open your eyes and hold your arms up in the goddess pose, and envision golden energy, the energy of the wind, entering your body. Close your eyes if you’re having trouble visualizing, but remain in the pose because you envision the energy coming down to your arms, wrapping them around, then wrapping your chest, then enclosing your legs, and then soaking into your body, filling you with all the energy of the element of air filling you with golden light. Now imagine wings of gold light opening on your back, then folding down. Try to sense them there. Now stand and proceed to the south candle, the red candle. If the flame is dying, fix it, then go to South.
Kneel in the red candle and focus on wings again. Silence all chatter, and be calm. Imagine walking beneath lava, not burning, but warm. Now imagine lying down in the lava, and sinking into it. Linger under the lava, feeling the burning heat, but not caring. Now push against the lava, and envision bursting through the surface, with flaming wings on your back. Shake them out as they turn to the color you wish. Now fly upward, towards the night sky. Open your eyes and assume that the goddess present, shutting your eyes if you have to, and visualize red energy this time. Rather than coiling around you, it seems as an orb which drifts forward, touches your chest, and covers you in red energy. It then sinks into your skin, and covers your gold wings with red, producing orange wings made from fire and air energy. Now get up, keep the fire going, and move to west, with the green candle of earth.
Kneel in the earth candle, and get into a meditative state again. Imagine walking through a forest and stepping into a tangle of vines. The vines wrap around your legs, but you are not alarmed. Instead, you welcome them. They wrap around your torso and shoulders, then thevines on your legs and lower torso movement upward until they’re all at your own shoulders. Then, the vines coalesce into wing contours, which glow green and fuse into feathered wings with your preferred colour/s. Now open your eyes, assume the goddess present, and close them again in the event that you need to. Envision green pools of energy beneath your knees. They send off orbs of green, filling you with earth energy until the pools are depleted. Now the energy pushes out of your back, covering your orange energy wings in green, turning them into brownish energy wings. Keep the fire going, and proceed into the north candle.
At the blue candle, kneel and meditate, and if you are in a meditative state, visualize walking into the sea until you’re covered. But you are not choking or drowning. Beneath the water, you feel pressure around your spine, since the water connects to you. Then, you fly free with wings of water. As you fly freely with them, the base splashes downwards, revealing feathers of blue. Then the centre falls off, and finally the hints, leaving you with blue wings. With a mighty flap, the blue falls away, revealing your wings in the colors you would like, as you fly onwards. Open your eyes, assume the goddess pose, and shut your eyes if you must. Imagine a large pool of water energy, becoming smaller and smaller as it flows up into your knees, into your torso, arms, head. Then, the water energy engulfs your energy wings, filling them with water energy and turning them to energy variations of your perfect wings, with the colors and size you want.
Now get up and return to east, fixing up the fire as you go, then immediately assume the goddess pose. Close your eyes if you need to, and envision the moon pulsing with Goddess energy. The energy forms the shape of a bird, the bird from which you are taking your wings, and you feel the Goddess energy as it flies down to you, then hovers at eye level, standing on nothing. It spreads it’s wings, the wings you desire, and bright, blinding beams of Goddess energy fill your body, creating your energy wings become regular wings and fold in your back, before sinking back into you. Feel the energy filling you with power, with divine energy, with the energy that will give you your wings. Feel it, do not imagine, feel it. Feel the energy inside you, filling you with power, with two big regions of energy at your back, where they will help grow your wings, and provide your wings with life and energy.
When you are filled with energy, the bird flies back to the moon, and the energy fades, but you know it is still there, within the moon.
Get up, keep the flame moving, and begin to dance, with long, sweeping arm movements, imitating a bird. Dance around the flames, and focus your energy as you do, chanting this charm as you dance:

Faerie fire and dragon’s breath
Sun and Moon, Life and Death
To this circle here be
Power of eternity
In this circle the magick is made
By my hand, my pockets, my candle, my blade
And the energy of the Goddess burning bright
Within the moon, for all of tonight
Witches in their circle cast
A spell tonight to make it last
As the moon full and around
Sends my fantasies to the universe
And brings them back to shortly be real
In this wondrous power that I feel
And all around the magick candy
Surrounds my heart at every beat
And as I wave, I pluck at strings
Controlling power over magick things
And as I twist it within this ring
I give myself (color)-feathered wings!
The elements combine together
Forming wings that never weather
Upon my back between my shoulders
That shall grow as I grow old
Always the perfect size and strength
To carry me for best lengths
And able to tightly fold and hide
So with people I keep my key inside
The wings of a (bird) come to me
The beautiful wings for all to see
And I shall soar and leap and fly
Round the silver-frosted sky!
Goddess, I ask of thee
Under your moon I pray, prithee,
Make my wish to be!
Give me my wings so I may be free!
I thank you if my wings are to be,
And this is my will, so mote it be.

Now snuff the candles, beginning east and moving clockwise, releasing the elements as you go, then leave the fire to burn away. Your wings will take some time to come and quite some time to grow, but hope the Goddess and the world that your ritual was discovered and your wings are coming.

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