Prana Energy Ritual


I found this when I was learning about magickal energy,so it is not mine.

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Casting Directions for ‘Prana Energy Ritual’

You must get the freshest air possible so do this outside or by a huge window that is open. Stand with your feet at least 12 inches apart. Spend a few moments pondering on the fact that there’s a plethora of the invisible energy prana from the air. You need to take in four breaths of prana. I am breathing in the power of life whilst breathing in say something along the lines of, I am being filled with powerful prana energy. Hold your breath and say, I will give it to my Self, that will use it to create a miracle for me and have taken in lots of prana energy that was strong. Go and sit in an upright chair, hands and feet eyes shut. Imagine you’re standing at least six feet facing yourself. The following must be visualised taking place 6 feet away. Imagine that the excess prana you breathed in earlier is forming as a brilliant ball of light.

Find a shaft of light emerge from the ball of light travelling to your head’s centre and through your body. Then see the shaft of light bend ninety degrees and emerge out of the right side of your head a few inches. Then see it go upwards and form a ball of extremely bright light about four to five feet wide and six feet high. Lets say for instance you want a new car. Visualise inside this sphere of light that you have this vehicle, engage your five physical senses all in imagining that this vehicle is now yours. See the precise model, the noise of the stereo, the smell of the leather chairs, the grip of the steering wheel. When you have spent a few minutes visualising you now have to verbally control your desire along the lines of, I control that (the car) is now mine! I control that (the car) is coming to me today! As I will it, it is done! Sit quietly for a few moments and say, I thank you profoundly my Higher Self for answering my prayer. You may or may not feel strong tingling in feet or your hands or genitals. If done correctly you will feel a powerful euphoria that is proof that your Higher Self has obtained the prana and will answer your prayer. If you do not feel the euphoria that was strong then you’ve done something incorrectly in the ritual or the aka cord between your Higher Self and your self is blocked. Repeat at least twice daily. Time scale for fulfilment could be anything from a few hours to a few weeks.

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