Grow Wings


This is a spell to grow wings, not sure if it works. It should take time, maybe 1 year, but it will be worth it. All credit goes to Hero_Winged and Skybird.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Your voice A white candle A purple candle A feather a Lot of Belief

Casting Directions for ‘Grow Wings’

Sit down on the floor, and light the candles. Hold the feather into your heart, and say:

“Witches power burning bright, Tarot, rune and blade
Charge the charm enfilled with might, here and now the magic’s left
Wave and tree, hedge and fire, strength of the elements gather here
To bless this work and charge it to complete the spell today, far, or close
Mystic Moon and Brilliant Sun, send your powers here this way
Gracious Lady, Mighty Lord, bless this charge that I lay
Powers that are, powers that be, gather round this spell I cast
Empower my working three times three
Send it forth to see it last, so will it be!
Gods and Goddesses hear my plea
Please allow me to grow wings, set me free
Day and night, skies and sea
Undo these chains that bind me
Snow white wings are the wings for me
As amazing as the eye can see
Allow my wings carry me with ease
So I’ll walk and fly as I please
Let my wings be able to fold and hide
So with people I may be able to live
I want to soar above the land and sea
I shall fly and be free
Day and night, skies and sea
Permit my wings to grow fast
Sour and sweet, moon and sun
I know my wings will grow soon
Flying, soaring way up high
With my wings I will fly into the sky
Split these binds that bind me to the ground
So from here on I’ll never frown
Day and night, sky and sea
Allow the sky become one with me
Good and evil, pure and white
I command thee to give me the gift of flight
Elements of Earth help me
Let me grow wings, set me free
Air that is swift and grace
Allow me to go from place to place
Water that is pure and clear
With my wings I shall be sincere
Earth that is old and wise
Let me leave your property and touch the sky
Fire that is strong and brave
Growing wings is the only thing I crave
Lightning That’s relentless and swift
Please let my wings be able to lift
Snow that is white and soft
My wings will always make my mood bright
Sun that is mild and kind
With my wings I will always be nice
Moon that controls the seas
You melt away all
Darkness That’s glum and dark
My wings will always allow me to have fun
Light That’s pure and bright
My wings will give me a sense of height
All elements work together to make my wish come true
I command you and have faith in you
I release all components from this spell
No longer will they dwell
Day and night, skies and sea
Soon I will be
Flying from the light blue sky
Nobody will be able to hurt me way up high
Allow Me to have the ability to fly day and night
I crave the desire to take flight
I would like wings to fulfill a special deed
To assist everyone in need
To help animals all humans, and plants
However, without wings this is a deed I can’t
The happiness that my wings will bring
I’ll get my wings!
I will get my wings!
I will get my wings!
Gods and Goddesses hear my plea
Feathers and all
Allow my wings grow in three weeks!
So mote it be!”

Then blow the candles out.

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