Fly with Wings


This spell will provide you wings in three days time. For different colors, message me and I will do my best to help you. Good luck!

You will need the following items for this spell:

Blue marker-must be washable! Piece of paper

Casting Directions for ‘Fly with Wings’

Write the following on a piece of paper. This step is optional, but it may help because there are so many factors to this spell.
This life was supposed to be mine.
But there is another one, I find
an avian, with wings of white,
feel my power, see my might!
Large enough to take me,
Those I tell can see.
I wish to fly with all my might!
Carry me night and day,
By the ability of the land,
let this life go as I planned.
So I plea accept me,
Winged monster make of me
Come to me in 72 hours
Give me these wondrous powers
For women* Earth, fire, air, water
Avians I’m your daughter
For boys* Following this spell is done
Avians Ill be your son.
Take the blue marker and draw a circle in your non dominant hand, draw a horizontal line through it and onto the left side, a diagonal line going down, and going up on the right side.
That night, you will need to take a shower and wash the marker off. If it is really difficulty to wash off, then the spell will work. It took me ten minutes and seven soaps…
The following day, you will have large lumps where your wings will be, by day two they are on the verge of breaking the surface, by day three they should be sticking out and growing quickly.
It takes about three or four weeks for them to be fully grown.
The white wings part could be changed. Here are some alternatives.
Give me wings of black
Sprout in the blades upon my back
Give me wings of powerful silver
Carry me through the skies, over rivers
Wings of tawny brown
With these wings Ill never frown
Give wings of crimson to me
Like a wound
Give my wings of cyan blue
Carry me through and through.

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