New Moon Shifter


This spell is supposed to be done on the night of the new moon. You’re able to gain multiple forms with this charm, but it is very, very slightly less likely to work.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Black candle Aqua aura quartz Wand Small stone Piece of cloth String

Casting Instructions for ‘New Moon Shifter’

Wrap the stone in the fabric with the string. Light the candle if you can, otherwise just hold it. Keep the batter in one hand and the aqua aura close. Say:

“Change and control my heart and soul
Charge and change my body whole
Change my thoughts and charge my desire
Charge the seas and modify the fire.
Change is cost and cost .
Me with power odd.
Eyes of (form number) and shapes to choose
Speed upon and pain to lose
Sides of (form number) on the astral plane
(amount) forms to indicate my name.
Eyes are contours.
Unfold myself for all to see.”

Now focus on your forms. Look over detailed graphics of every one, and view every feature. Absorb these pictures until you feel satisfied with your own forms. Now focus on locking in these forms in any way you see fit. Use visualization. When they lock in, you should feel off sensations across your body to signify the locking in. Once you’ve locked in your forms, you can blow out the candle. If it wasn’t lit, turn it upside down instead. Say: “This spell is finished, so mote it be.”

Later, bury the fabric wrapped stone.

Side effects:
Acting more like your types
Stretch marks
Normal side effects for your forms
Mood swings

Your changes will be painless and fast. I always suggest shifting and subliminals to aid spells. Use all three methods as well as your success is assured.

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