To boldly go where no man has gone before


Spell to aid safety. This will not force astral projection, your soul has a will of its own.

You will need the following items for this spell:

White candle for spiritual strength, recovery, and protection Purple candle for help in psychic abilities, concentration and link to self(s) Indigo candle for aid in getting to that meditative/vibrational condition, ease the mind of Now and Here to Infinite consciousness Black candle to encourage balance when paired with the white, banishing negative/low vibrational beings and environments, help for gentle but profound sleep with third eye open Bedtime (yeah you can go ahead and pretend like you don’t have one) Optional: Tea to help sleep Clearing incense to purify your space Lucky stone

Casting Instructions for ‘To boldly go where no man has gone before’

Proceed to your special spot. Arrange your materials how you please. Take the first candle and hold it for a minute. Get into that condition by linking with your own materials. Smell the candle. Run your fingers across it. Note the differences between candles, how they make you feel exactly what you picture etc.. What would you think it was if you did not understand the name and uses for this?
Light each candle. Take time to think about what each candle represents as you draw that energy in. If using incense, light with a single candle. Gently shake out and relight using a different candle until the trick is aglow. Raise incense and state what is allowed in this area and what isn’t. For instance, no low vibrational beings allowed here. Higher vibrational beings/God/esses/ancestors I ask you to please protect my body whilst my spirit travels. It is possible to cast a circle for this however I find it shows more hope for the beings you call if you do not. Just my opinion, of course. Fit this to you as you are feeling. Put the incense to the holder.
Pass stone or tea over the candles. Watch as they consume the energy coming off every dancing elemental. Bring to solar plexus and breathe deeply. With clear tone and intention, state the following as many times as you feel necessary.

Strong spirit flies safe
Leaving sleeping body at peace
Flowing like water to stone
Learning and growing without cease.
Comfort in the spirit realm
I have been a thousand times
Can dance with the furthest star
Not bound by physical laws that restricted
Keeping me now
Tonight I’ll fly free
To places only imagined
Soaring with new angles to see.
Time does not live here
Nor human laws of what and how
Tonight my mind will comprehend
Things my humans laws may not allow.
I am a part of the Universe
Allow Me to swim secure in Her arms
The star sea is calling, I encounter
Then return gently without harm.

Drink the tea slowly. Pass the stone over the candles. Put items before you and take up the incense. Lead it around your area. Pass tea and stone through the smoke. Take time to just unwind. View the smoke, see the contours and messages that pop out. Do not give this much effort, allow it to come to you. When finished, thank elementals for dance and extinguish flames. Take the stone and set on your bedside table, on your pillow, anywhere you choose. Get into bed or however you prepare yourself for traveling. Remember the words you spoke. The energy you called. The beings who are right beside you, protecting you. Let it your thoughts drift to a soft murmur, like that of a crowded area. I find it helps to picture them as droplets in a river, don’t concentrate on one but the whole. If a thought becomes insistent on being thought of, bring your awareness to your nostrils. Where it goes, Notice the way you breath. How your chest contracts and expands. Enjoy.

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