Another wing spell. This spell lets you cloak your wings at will, making them invisible and intangible until you uncloak them. There is no time limit on how long you can hide your wings.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Feather (optional but recommended) Blue candle (to represent the sky) Brown candle(to represent the ground) Black candle (to represent the cloaking of your wings, and to absorb and release all negative thoughts/emotions that could prevent wing expansion) White candle (to represent the light of the sun and moon, the power of flight, and to send positive emotions and growth power) “The Star” Tarot card (optional but recommended, if you do not have it draw it) Incense or spray with meditative power (optional)

Casting Instructions for ‘Wings’

Put the tarot card in the center of a square of the four coloured candles. For those who have a feather, hold it. Light incense or spray a spray. Now you may start the spell. Say nine times:
Great stars of life,
Free me of strife
Give me my flight
Hide it from sight
Give me each plume
Protected from doom
Break from my shell
With wings I rebel
Give me the speed
To fly as I want
Give me the strength
To travel at length
Give me agility
And flexibility
Balance unfailing
Feathers atrailing
Give me the senses
For flight intense
Give me healing
To protect the feeling
Give me a size
Even and wise
My wings fly proud
Over the clouds
And hide from sight
Like shadows at night
Dusk to dawn
I fly strong
My wings that fly
I soar through the sky
Wings of light
Wings of flight
Wings of sky
Wings on high
Wings of youth
Wings of truth
Wings spread wide
Wings that hide
Wings of sea
Wings on me
Wings of moon
Wings soon
Wings of sun
Wings of fun
Wings of stars
Wings fly far
Wings of earth
Wings rebirth
Wings of fire
Wings of ire
Wings of air
Wings appear
Wings of water
Wings that flutter
Wings of speed
Wings I need
Wings of birds
Wings of words
Wings, wings, all Ive ever desired
My desire permeates and my requests are heeded.
After repeating the above nine times, shout this as loud as you are able:
Now by the wind
Their growth begins!

Now have a minute to imagine your wings as quickly as possible. Envision them growing, and feel them grow. Once you finish imagining (possibly meditate on wings to get a little), then blow out or snuff the candles. If you lit incense, place it out.
Side effects:

Deep pull to get off the ground and fly.

Minor outer body changes to accomodate wings

No fear of heights

Losing weight

Oily or flaky back

Bumps on back where wings will be

Aches and pains

Getting faster

Getting stronger

More muscles

Much thinner

Repairing much faster from injuries

Healthier teeth, bones, body

Better vision, hearing, smell, etc..

Air affinity

Phantom wings

Sharper, stronger teeth and nails



More will to live

Wing dreams

When your wings are growing, exercise them daily. You will understand how to cloak your wings, and when cloaked they’re completely invisible and intangible. This has the negative effect of making you unable to fly as your wings will pass through the atmosphere, but if you have your wings uncloaked they will automatically be big enough to fly with. Your wings will automatically watertight themselves with oil or powder down, and it’s a fantastic idea to cloak them when directly in water.

When your wings begin developing, your body will change a little. Youll lose a lot of weight, and become less sensitive to heat, cold and pain. You’ll receive lighter bones and be lighter overall. Your teeth and nails will become sharper, especially for those with bird of prey wings. Your muscles will be a bit bigger, but not very large, although your strength will considerably increase. You will also be a great deal healthier and heal faster. Your organs will change to facilitate flight, and you may notice your breathing patterns changing. You may even create a third eyelid. You will be able to handle high speeds and g forces better than individuals. Your bones will be far lighter, but also more powerful, and you’ll be incredibly agile and fast. Your back and stomach muscles will develop a lot to let you fly. A number of your features will be somewhat more obvious than others, and can’t be concealed by cloaking, but your blood will still read individual. X rays will also not be able to inform your bones have changed. But be a bit careful if they should operate. Wing growth is an amazing thing, and this charm makes it much easier to live with wings. However, you must still be cautious.

When flying, make sure to remove from a place where nobody will see you. Get high quickly, so maybe your shape can be mistaken for a bird. Its best to fly in unpopulated areas, or if all else fails places where nobody will see you. After flying, be careful to not pass a high window, or fly too close to a place someone may see you. Be careful with your wings. You only have one pair and one life, so protect both. You will have urges to fly. Satisfy them by doing high-up activities, such as rock climbing or jumping off cliffs into the sea, or just go out to somewhere unpopulated (possibly a part of a national park, or out in a few farmland) and take off, circle around a bit then come down. Do exercises daily like flapping your wings and imitating takeoff, and try to find places to practice takeoff and landing.

When becoming an avian, two of the first things to come in are flying, taking off and landing instincts and urges, nesting urges, and much more of a connection to magick, which means you gain more from stones. Indulge your instincts by mimicking flight and jumping off things, starting small and working up to trees or off high places into the sea or another safe landing. You will then start getting very hungry. Eat a great deal of healthy food to fuel your growth. Spell-grown wings grow faster than shifting-grown or subliminal-grown wings, but they still need to grow on their own

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