A Guide To The Creation Of A Scrying Mirror


When it comes to divination, a Wiccan truly needs a scrying mirror. There are a few things you must gather if you want to perform this spell.

First, locate either a mirror or something that has a reflective surface. If you choose a regular mirror, think about painting it black. You can also go with black obsidian.

Next, you must create a mugwort infusion. Take a jar with a good fitting lid. Put the mugwort inside. Fill it completely. After this is done, boil some water. Once you see the bubbles, put the hot water in the jar so that all the mugwort is submerged. Then, put on the lid and make sure it fits well.

Mugwort is an herb that has a long history of being used in divination.

Leave the jar until the water has cooled to a lukewarm temperature. The time will vary, as the size has an impact. After the infusion is done, strain the concoction and take out the herbs. The infusion needs to be placed in a chalice.

The Scrying Mirror

Cast your circle after you are both grounded and centered. There are several deity of divination’s that you can try and bring forth, like Hecate, Odin, Freya, Hermes, Cerridwen or Brigid. Pick someone that you relate to personally.

After you have cast your circle, take your chalice and your mirror. Wipe your mind of any other thought that might consume you. Submerge the scrying mirror in the mugwort and picture the mirror becoming a tool that you can use.

Then, you must chant these words nine times. “Beautiful oracle of magic worth, precious creature of psychic light, bring forth the answers I seek, you are my eyes and my vision, it is finished. So mote it be.”

Follow these instructions and you will have an excellent Wiccan Scrying Mirror.

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