A Spell To Boost Your Psychic Abilities


This is a spell that is intended to help increase your psychic abilities as well as your intuition.

You will have to have the following items:

1 white candle
4 purple candles
Jasmine or frankincense incense

The spell should be done during either a waxing moon or a full moon.

Psychic Ability Spell

It is important that you center and ground yourself first before casting your circle. Place your four purple candles all around you, corresponding with north, south, east and west. Light your incense stick, placing the white candle right in front of you. Light all of the candles, then work on clearing your mind as you gaze into the flame coming from your white candle.

Now, you can visualize your third eye, which is right in the center of your forehead. This is the location where your innate psychic abilities are found. Work on absorbing the energy from the white candle while chanting the following:

“Vision of the future, present and past, the psychic spirits I do cast. To hear what is unheard and seeing the unseen, psyching powers will be strong and keen. As I open up to see all through my third eye, this psychic bond to me I wish to tie. Unbind my spirit as well as my mind, so that my visions will no longer be confined. Allow my visions and dreams to come before the rising sun, as I cast let my will be done. My psychic powers, I invoke thee. It is done, so mote it be.”

After you are done with this ritual, you can blow out the candles and close out the circle.

Take your notebook, keeping it close to your bed. You can start to record any messages that you get in your dreams as soon as you wake. Even though they may be cryptic in the beginning, your psychic messages and visions will become a lot stronger in the days to come, especially if you are writing them down in a meticulous manner. Keep the notebook handy at all times.

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