An Intuition Spell – How to Receive a Clearer Message from the Spirits


Your intuition is the Universe’s way of communicating with you. Once you’ve cast a spell, the Universe responds by sending the people and circumstances you’ve asked for. So, that’s why it’s important to always listen to your gut feelings or intuition. That’s particularly true for the days and weeks after you’ve cast a spell. If you follow your intuition, the Spirits will be the ones leading the way.

So, how do you know it’s really your intuition. After all, it might merely be your imagination at work. That’s why there are intuition spells. You can create a talisman that you keep with you at can help you receive clearer guidance from the Spirits.

Here’s what you need to cast an intuition spell:

1 clear quartz crystal
1 small pouch (purple if possible)
1 amethyst
1 pen and a small piece of paper
5 purple tea lights or candles
Sandalwood incense

Here’s how to cast the spell:

Place the candles around you in a circle. While lighting the candles invoke the Spirits. Ask for protection and connection while casting this intuition spell.

Sit in the middle of the circle and light the incense. Relax into a meditation. Breathe deeply while sitting with your palms open, in order to receive energy from the Universe. You are going into your Higher Self. This allows you to receive a symbol representing your higher wisdom.

Set this intention, while visualizing your mind climbing out of your Third Eye, through your crown and to a place that is about 1 meter (3 feet) above your head. This is the point of the 10th chakra, which is where your Higher Self resides.

Go into this place. You should feel your mind merging with the chakra. Continue to relax and breathe, letting it flow. When you’re ready to say the following, you can say it out loud or in your mind:

“For clearer sight, for clearer mind
A symbol of myself I’ll find”

You need to say this a couple of times. Then, you’ll need to slowly and gently return your mind to the Third Eye. After your mind is there, you’ll see the symbol, which can be almost anything. When you see it, immediately draw it on the paper. This symbol represents your Higher self and your higher wisdom.

Place the paper, the quartz and the amethyst, in the pouch and say the following:

“Universe, Spirits, Angels and Guides
Receive my eternal gratitude for all that is
I ask for clearer guidance. I will listen with a sharper ear
May this talisman increase my intuition
To receive all of your messages more clearly
So mote it be”

Blow out the candles in order to close the circle. Make sure to thank all of the Spirits for their presence during the casting of the spell. Keep this talisman with you. You can place it under your pillow while you sleep.

If you every feel confused about a specific situation or a particular message, meditate with the talisman. The best way to receive a clearer message is to have a silent mind. Stop trying to hear the message. Just sit with the talisman and open your soul and heart to the unending guidance of the Universe and soon you’ll receive the answer.

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