Wish Thoughtform


This mini-ritual allows you to create a spell in the form of a thoughtform. The thoughtform lets your spell to have more power and it works in the background so that you can create more thoughtforms for different spells while this you can work to finish your wish.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Purple/violet candle
White candle
Lavender or Mugwort insence
A pillow to sit on
To be without doubts
Ability to Create a psi ball

Casting Directions for ‘Wish Thoughtform’

Before you perform this ritual, you must ground. This energy will help assist in bringing energy to you more swift and easier. First, burn the insence to help maintain calmness and psysic power. Next, light the purple (or violet) candle. Gaze into the fire when thinking about your desire. Now light the white candle. Watch the flame rise and fall, think about how the fire is drawing in great energy that you can use to contibute to your desire. Sit on the pillow on the ground and sit in the lotus position (or any place where your posture is good and you are vertical) Feel, literally feel the energy from both candles come up your feet and outside of the top of your head. Feel it circle back from the top of your head to the bottoms of your feet. Allow this way to be circulated by it as you consider your wish. Cup your hands and permit the circulating power to flow into your palms. With the energy, flow your intention and wish into the ball of energy between your hands. Continue to consider on your wish and empty the intention and energy to the ball. By now, you should feel a little resistance once you slowly press your palms together. This is the psy ball. Its every energy is based around your wish. Now, release it into the universe. The strong will behind the thoughtform will push it to complete the wish and since you used mainly ambient energy, it will continue to draw its energy from it. So you don’t need to be worried about it.

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