Universe Grant Wish


This spell is a strong spell I use to help me in times of demand. It work quit well in my opinion.

You will need the following things for this particular spell:

Quartz crystal pyramid

Casting Directions for ‘Universe Grant Wish’

Place on your hands your quartz pyramid. Visualize the thing your desire to come true going into the middle of the quartz pyramid. Chat this while you are currently imagining and believing that your wish will come true.

From the power of the Universe,I ask of the to ship (title of individual or object you wish), so mote it beI ask of this, universes power!

While you are currently doing this visualize the desire within the crystal shooting from the volcano stage and going to the universe. Finally, be patient and also the wish will come true. Some time it is with in hours other times it tacks months and days and may take years.

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