1825 English Love Spell


I will provide you how it can be altered to protect the dove and the old manner. But essentially, it’s to tray and “trap” that the heart of the one that you desire. Be careful though when fooling with the affairs of the heart!

You will need the following items with this particular spell:

Old Version: White Dove or Live Pigeon
Picture of the Desired
A Pin or Needle
New Version: A Dove or Pigeon Poppet, cut out or wax figurine. (You may also Want to material the dove poppet with any herbs Which May help; or mix the herbs with the wax)
Picture of the Desired
Extended Pin or Needle

Casting Directions for ‘1825 Language Love Spell’

1825; England: Take a Pigeon or Dove and whilst in the clasp of your aches and together with the effective desire to possess him….Take the needle or pin and say in short what you desire. Then stab that the Dove.Pigeon through the heart. When the dove or pigeon suffers, it was stated to have been a bad omen. It needed to be swift and clean. The dove in a location with the needle and his graph. Burning them all together was another variant. 2009, USA: Create the poppet out of the wax out of wax and fabric. Materials the poppet/wax figure and his clippings ECT will also help. Place the photo on where the center will be and while at a grip of passion and desire, say your intention STAB at that the poppet/wax figure and through the photo. Them may burn or bury them into certain site that is private. However, Know that they have to be done. Also bear in mind that What Comes Around Goes Around So be careful on where your heart lies within its own aims. Blessed Be! EveningRose

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