Wand Making


This is my first attempt to make something to do with magic, so I’m sorry if it doesn’t work very well. But, don’t lose hope that this may not work; I have tried this spell and it worked, and my very best friend has tried this and it worked. I hope it works for you, and good luck!

You may need the following items for this spell:

One little wooden pole (at least 12-18 inches)
Ribbon and/or charms (any colour and any size, it do not matter)
At least some kind of magic expirence (that is needed or else it won’t work)

Casting Instructions for ‘Wand Making’

First of all, find a tree that’s at least two years old or more. Take one of its branches away and make certain it’s the perfect size. When you have the branch you’ve chosen, do NOT peel the bark off. When you do that, it is going to make the wand less weak, so I would not advise you to get its bark off.

Second, you attach the ribbons/charms on the batter. When you attach them, it gives you a better chance a specific spell will work when you use the batter. It is not needed to try it, but it helps it get stronger.

Last, but definitely not least, close your eyes and imagine half of your energy is flowing out of you, and when you envision it landing on your hands, imagine your hands forming it into a sphere. When it’s a sphere, envision yourself gently placing the energy ball inside the wand. Open your eyes. Your wand should work. You should feel tired. If you don’t feel tired, the batter making did not work. If your energy completely comes back, then you could use the wand. Good luck in using your new wand! If you have questions or that spell worked, e-mail me. I will reply. To find my email so you may ask me/tell me the spell worked, my e-mail is on my account. All the Best! P.S.. This kind of wand works best for banishing and conjuring spells.

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