Make A Working Magick Wand


This spell will find and make your very own Magick wand.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Your hand
Your voice

Casting Instructions for ‘Make A Working Magick Wand’

To make a wand, first go out side. Go to a tree and ask it,
”Magick, magick, may I use your wood for magick. ”. After you said that to the tree, put your hand on it. If it is cold, dont use the wood or you will regret it. If it is warm, the tree says yes, you can use my wood. Then find a suitible branch and take it of. After that, sit down with your hands on the wood. Feel your energy going into the wood. Surprise! You have a wand!!!
Warning!!!: if you throw your wand on the ground cause your angry or something, your spells will backfire. I threw my wand at the ground when I was really angry, then a week past by then I did a hurt spell. Guess what? A few days later I broke my leg!! Wonder how that happened!

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