Conjuration of the Black Hounds


Black hounds are the guardians of the Peninsula, the keepers of the gates and the denizens of the cross roads. They make great servitors to shield things, ward off intruders or haunt those whod oppose you.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Red pigment
Brush from human hair
Ash of hound
War water

Casting Instructions for ‘Conjuration of the Black Hounds’

Having abstained for three days from bathing (to protect you from the hounds), together with the third new moon; you’ll be prepared to conjure the black hounds. Let it be noted that once this spell is complete the first time, this abstinence will no longer be mandatory, the hound will be bound to your ceremony and so can’t hurt you so long as you wield the blade.

In a red pigment, and using a brush made of human hair, write these names on one side of a blade: Cerebus, Fenrir, Gwyllgi and on the other side: te ligo canem nigrum (I bind you, black hound) Having done this, take a bone and write: Et regnum mortus vincent (may the kingdom of death come forth).

Having consecrated these items with their incantations and nine times having drawn the equal armed cross over the tools, they will be ready for the conjuration. Taking these things; ash of hound, war water and chalk down to a pure portal (being Crossroads, Cemeteries and Mausoleums), you can start the summoning, but only if the time be between 12 AM and 3 PM, and no sun ought to be seen.

A circle of nine steps in diameter is drawn upon the floor, and inside it they throw the Tridecagon. To the west is drawn a circle of Five measures, and inside it a triangle, using a stage facing east. On the outer borders of the triangle, the names. Within the triangle, pour the ash of hound, hydrate it with war water, and then animate it with blood (Iron in the blood to additional push a mars alignment and to symbolically give life to the hounds).

Retiring back to the Tridecagon, take good care to raise the ring well, so the hounds do not cause some great harm. Taking up the bone scepter, cry out thirteen times the first conjuration to the east: I muster, conjure and provoke thee O raging hounds of the underworld, and adjure thee to come fast, by the names of thy exalted and divine sires, by whom you were conceived in the cold darkness of death and to whom you will definitely function: Fenrir, Gwyllgi, Cerebus to come forth and manifest thyself, To pact with me and obey my orders! Set the sceptre down in the center of the circle, and walk around it thrice clockwise and finishing at the west, facing out.

Say the next conjuration thrice: I conjure and adjure you, horrible hounds, by the servitude you owe to the titles of your sires, from whos seed you were born from the cold expanses of death with neer a tit to suck. Come now barbarous and starved wolves on thy rotted paws and historical bones, rise from the ashes and blood of resurrection and upward from the gaping maws of the earth.

And when this is done, cross to the east and recites it thrice more. Raise the blade and plunge it in the earth, just beyond the circle and ask: Would you, O Cn Annwn, Speak, listen and obey, And swear they who own this blade And know thy name, May conjure you up from the gates of death? And the beast will take the blade from the handle and say: I swear on this blade My servitude unto you Who knows my name __ And retains this blade Should you swear Your essence To nourish me at each call we’ve got a deal and you have to say: I swear And the hounds will dissipate. And in case you strike the blade into the ground with the scepter for a hammer and call its name with every strike, so long as the sun has gone, they’ll come to you.

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