Water Ribbon Magic


This spell is something like creating an arrangement with elemental and you and ribbon is the proof of your co-work with him. (The water is quiet and beatifull, he or she or it.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 Blue Candle (but its not mandatory) 1 meter of tight blue ribbon 1 dcl of diamond water 1 ink 1 piece of gunpowder 1 piece of diamond water 2 pieces of crystal/mineral dust (Mineral dust is hard to find, but if you have a friend that works with crystals for jewellery, just ask him to get a kind)

Casting Instructions for ‘Water Ribbon Magic’

Step 1: The Ribbon Bath
Decide on a glass (if you’ve got a crystal glass, just use it) and place in it blue ribbon. Then add water. Now if you have a candle, light it on. Decide on the glass and put it on youre heart and say with youre full voice (not yell):

Please, mighty elemental of water, give me the ability to manipulate water from rivers, from oceans to lakes, around the world. I won’t ever use youre capability to harm someone. I.. . (today, you say youre reason why do you want his/her/it power and it is for somebody or for you, but be careful what reason you state, since it might not work if you’ll be very selfish).

Please, insert youre power for this ribbon which is for me(or name of someone which is ribbon for), discharge my mental power, ruin block of my body, and free my joys of oceans around the world and make them happen when I wear this decoration as emblem of your majesty.

Than put the glass somewhere and wait one moon half-period(it’s good to start at new moon and wait for full moon.)
Measure 2: The Magical Ink
Just mix in this order: ink, crystal/mineral dust, diamond water, and gunpowder. Gunpowder will annihilate with water, so do not worry about, gunpowder is for black color. Then take the ink to youre heart and say:

What is everywhere written with you, it always became truth.

Step 3: Final
When is full moon pick up the ribbon in the glass, dry it and then write on it: What happens with water in my toughs and imagines, it happens in world where I live. Make the ink dry. Then tie ribbon around of some part of youre body.
Warning! On own risk! Use it wisely!

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