Transformation Ceremony


A spell work to physically transform yourself, biokensis with a Shinto necromancer’s addition.

You will need the following items for this spell:


Casting Directions for ‘Transformation Ceremony’

Well firstly, I will not explain biokensis, becuase you are supposed to look it up yourselves, and secondly along with the biokentic commands your giving your power,summon up one of the youkai, find out whom they are b utilizing and summon up your ancestors.
Still your mind my pupils, and be mellow. Now visulize yourself in a beach, I invite yall to generate the shore anyway yall wish as in, an Earthling beach or any kind, you need to distract your mind from physcality, then inform yourself in first person, the next magical words. I am transforming into my preferred form. Then return by counting up from zero to ten, and imagine what you wanted to be, and make a psonic shape and psychological golem or instead tulpa to strengthen this work, listen to what the yokai and your ancestors have to say, then take the psionic shape, I just make triangles becuase, one I weaponize them, and two, fuckin circle casting isn’t a magical work, it is a lie, three the triangle resemble the all powerful and mighty vagina, I apathically adore my mom to her tits.
Now send the psonic shape to your gut and tulpa to your whole brain and finish with the next words. Domo Tatarigami of Yomi and Hell its self I’m thanking your unholiness and holiness for this evloution that I have needed in my life because my last one stopped. Peace sign reversed to ya.
Then meditate whenever yall are advised to mediate from the yokai, and what not.

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