Animal Transformation


I can’t guarantee this will work. It is different for everybody. Use this to become a Wolf, Cat, or Hawk.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Paper Charcoal A feather, dog fur, or cat fur Matches String

Casting Instructions for ‘Animal Transformation’

Go into a quiet area. You will have to meditate and clear your mind before casting. If you cannot meditate because of interruptions or disruptions, try reading or napping for an hour or so.
Now I would suggest to move outside to a non-flammable area. Sit down and draw a comprehensive pentagram on the paper with the charcoal. Fold it. Draw the eyes of the animal you need to become as detailed as possible.
Unlike my Dragon Transformation Spell, you do not have to draw any blood to begin. Instead, take your string and tie the feather, dog fur, or cat fur in between the eyes.
Take a match and light it. Stare into the flames and watch as they slowly move down the match when imagining the creature you would like to be. (Cat, wolf, or hawk) Recite: Dear creature I want to be, come to me and hear my plea. I want to be just like you, so let my fantasies come true. Then with the remaining flame, burn the paper in addition to the fur or feather.
Take the ashes and await a breeze. Once one comes, toss the ash into the air, letting the wind take them off. After the first casting, recite this every night before sleep: I want to be just like you, so let my fantasies come true.
The transformation should begin over the course of seven days. Otherwise, give it a few months time. During this time, you must stay away from any humans until the transformation is fully completed. You will know when this is when you begin having amnesia about humans and what they do.

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