3 Animal Transformation


Turns you into 3 creatures of your choice in 10 days.

You will need the following items for this spell:

3 pieces of printer paper Black pen Yarn of your preferred color, or newspaper of your favorite color Something that relates to animals (charm, feather, jewelry, etc.) Set to bury something

Casting Directions for ‘3 Animal Transformation’

On the first piece of paper, draw a picture of the first and largest animal. As possible draw it as realisticly. If you’re having trouble you can get an online tutorial. Draw it with just black pencil and nothing else. Dont color it, but have an idea of what color it is.

On the second piece, draw the midsize creature, and follow the same guide lines as above. On the third piece, draw your tiniest creature, follow the guide lines above. Now, put them in a pile with the biggest animal on the bottom, and smallest on top. Fold them in half and write the following on the paper.

(Largest animals name), (moderate animals title), (smallest animals title) all hide inside of me, let them out so I can see. Please all religions I ask of thee, set them loose and set me free. Let me shift to them as I wish, and please accept my humble gift. In three days time I will feel the effect of this spell, in seven days I will shift at will. Please please hear me, grant me this wish and set us free! So mote it be

Now fold it again so it makes a square and draw a pentagram, put your animal object on the paper and fold it in half. Wrap it on your yarn so only the border of this paper shows, or fold your colored paper around it so your offering wont drop out.

Now, bury it in a place it will be disturbed, if there’s absolutely no dirt nearby, cover it in rocks so you cant see it whatsoever. Then say Gods I ask of thee, set me free!

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