Animal Follower Spell


Use this spell to summon a animal mythical follower or real. Don’t tell a human

You may need the following items for this spell:

Peice Of Fur/A Feather/A Scale
1 Bowl
Ground Up Oak Leaves
Colored Pencil/Crayons/Markers
Place where you can grow a plant

Casting Instructions for ‘Animal Follower Spell’

First consider the animal that suits you best, or your favorite animal. It may be mythical.

Take a piece of fur/feather/scale of the creature, or related to, and set it in a bowl of moss and ground up oak leaves.

Then draw your animal as best as possible (color it), or find a picture and publish it.
Write on the back:

Take the paper and tear it apart, then mix it in with the fur/feather/scale along with the moss and leaves.

Locate a seed or nut, and dig a hole somewhere near the woods. Burry the mixture and the seed/nut. When burried, say

O’ Holy witches, O’ Holy warlocks
O’ Holy spirits, O’ Holy gods
Take my desire, make it true
Take my follower, have it produced out of you
In time that passes, let this plant grow
Once a seedling sprouts, I’ll know

Basicaly it is saying to get the witches, warlocks, spirits, and gods work together and make your creature follower, and when a seedling sprouts, your animal will be here.

Now, you do need to water the plant and stuff, make sure it gets sunlight. Also take a stone with you(explaination below) Everytime you water it, repeat the spell over.
After the plant sprouts, say

O’ Holy witches, O’ Holy warlocks
O’ Holy spirits, O’ Holy gods
My friend is here, thank you all
Take this stone And decorate your halls

As you state it, take the stone and burry it with the plant.

To keep your animal, continue to water your plant. Once the plant dies, your creature will get sick. You must feed it the plant to save it and keep it’s life.

Remember: Only you can see your creature. Do not tell any humans about it, or they’ll likely burn you at the stakes: literaly.

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