Totem Animal Dream


This technique is similar to Linking With Your Totem Animal on page 180, but carries the process one stage further in that you have a particular request in mind. The representation of a bear is used here, but you might decide to use your own totem animal. The more tactile this image is the greater, though you wouldn’t use for example a teddy bear, because this has become more of a dream creature. You need to be able to hold whatever you choose on your hand.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Psychic Dream incense
Small representation of a bear (like a charm or toy)
Your dream journal

Casting Instructions for ‘Totem Animal Fantasy’

Before going to bed burn the incense. Using the representation of the bear as a starting point, hold it in your hand.

Visualize your own bear or animal to be as easy as possible (only use a picture or picture if nothing else is available). You may realize that the image you end up with is nothing like the one with which you first started this doesn’t matter.Ask the creature for the assistance you need. Wait quietly until you sense the animals co- operation.

Visualize the bear enabling you to climb onto its back and the two of you starting out on your travels. By now you will have attained a slightly altered state of consciousness and can allow the bear to take control.

Allow yourself to drift gently off into bed, knowing that you are perfectly safe. Alternatively, remain in a state of waking consciousness until you feel satisfied that you have received the information you require, then compose yourself for sleep.

In the morning, record your dreams and impressions and correlate them to the request you made. Frequently in using this method you don’t receive the answer immediately, but you will realize that the answer will present itself, usually within 72 hours of initiating the procedure. If no such answer is apparent, repeat the technique at intervals until you are confident in the outcome.

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