Wonderland Spell


This is a charm that could take you to your private wonderland… I have yet to test it but it is worth the shot, because when you truly believe in magic you can accomplish most anything.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Coloring Supplies
True Belief in Magic
Knowledge of Alice

Casting Instructions for ‘Wonderland Spell’

1). Imagine every person, place, and thing you will come across in Wonderland.
2). Draw each on a separate sheet of paper( loose leaf or notebook), and color each in.
3). With Each sheet include a:
4). Write a story including you, the people, places, and thing you discovered, how you have to Wonderland, what you did, and how you got home.
5). Roll up the narrative and character sheets and bound it with string or a rubber band.
6). Keep this scroll under your pillow and chant for one night:
In a world of my own, I could be anyone…
Instead of being lonely, I speak to _______.
There is/are one_______ annually, but there is/are 354 _______ a year.
I can call this place home… In a world of my own, where I can be most anyone.
Seconds in the world are hours in wonderland when I’m in Wonderland.
Anything brought from Wonderland will seem like it came out of this world, and visa versa.
I CANNOT DIE IN WONDERLAND NOR WILL I OR ANYONE OR ANYTHING BE HURT OR INJURED. NO ONE IN WONDERLAND WILL ATTEMT TO HURT ANYBODY. What I write in my story is not relevant, I can do any action written in my story in any order and I can stay as long as I want, any time. How I get there and leave is the only thing which happens exactly as I write it. Everyone/thing speaks english. Nothing in Wonderland exists unless I write about it. I may add people places and things in any time. My Wonderland doesn’t collide with anyone else. Nobody may enter my Wonderland unless I voluntarily bring them to my domain.
7). Add any other details to the chant that you think are important.
8). If you try to dream about your trip, or create your entrance/exit realistic, this spell works best
* This Is The First Spell I’ve Posted So Thank You So Much For Reading I Wish You Luck And Good Intensions! *

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