Dream of Me


Have your crush dream of you and want once he awakens to see you. Guaranteed to work.

You may need the following items for this spell:


Casting Instructions for ‘Dream of Me’

Be performing this spell. Imagine your love asleep before your spiritually that is connected to him on a bed. Youll feel it. Then imagine you and him in a pretty place (meadow, forest,bedroom.) Imagine you doing what you want with him. (kissing, running while holding holding hands.) As soon as you’ve these things in mind chant this while you’re sending him. Everything you wanted to perform with him. Now chant:

No words are said although know invade you see me there. Like an angelI. My love you feel so tenderly you feel my touch apon your skin. Our hands are intertwining you see in my eyes a grace and my lips you taste this fantasy you will carry after you wake up. And when you see me face to face It’s me you shall want to embrace.

Say untill you feel confident he resieved your message.it may work better then you think.

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