Dream of Me My Lover


Spell for your lover to only dream of you.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Candles (optional)
Incense (optional)

Casting Instructions for ‘Dream of Me’

Candles and incense arent necessary, but I always feel its helps me concentrate and get more into what I am doing (though i burn herb mostly in place of incense) any that would promote psychic senses or feelings of love/lust would work well – In a dimly lit or dark room, close your eyes and visualize the person who you want to dream of you (preferably when they are sleeping if you know that they are sleeping), once you feel confident that your mind is connected with theirs, project to him/her a mental image of how you want them to perceive you, and, as you recite this, imagine you are doing what you would like to do to them (i.e., kissing embracing) as if it were actually happening, also visualize the setting (bedroom, in a field of flowers, get creative you want them to have a nice dream dont you). In your mind i now invade you see me there but no words are said like an angel i descend upon thee my love you feel so tenderly you feel my touch upon your skin our hands are intertwining you see in my eyes a blissful grace and my lips you sweetly taste this dream youll carry even after you wake what you feel shall not be fake and when you see me face to face its me you shall want to embrace Recite as many times as needed (as you visualize the dream) till you feel confident that it was mentally projected to them. Remember you want your mind to be clear of any other thoughts because you dont want to send mixed messages – anything else you might be thinking of could also be projected to them.

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