Ultimate Anthropomorphic Animal Transformation


This is the greatest transformation to become a furry meerkat, arctic wolf, dragon, anything!

You can turn into a human, but this isn’t a “shifter” deal. You’ll grow to be a furry, and if you kinda hate it, you can return to your usual self.

Your aim in this spell is to tell the beings of the cosmos why you want to be an anthro. They should always get your message, but unless you’ve got a good reason why you need to quit being 100% human and switch to 50% human.

You won’t have gross mites exploding poop on your face if you’re reptilian, you won’t worry about not getting a boy/girl if you are canine, you do not need to fret about your awful voice if you’re avian, you get to skip school and work all you want when you are feline, and if you would like to be huggable, be a.. . horse! With so many different choices to select from, it is almost impossible to pick your future for the majority of people.

You will need the following items for this spell:

An idea of what you would look like Plenty of awesomeness! *wink* Love for your animal A Great reason for asking Belief in stuff in the cosmos Softness of a blanket (optional)

Casting Instructions for ‘Ultimate Anthropomorphic Animal Transformation’

Optional: During the spell, snuggle with the blanket to improve the chances of it happening.

1. Plan out your new body. (In the terms of us furries, “fursona”.)
2. Confirm it on your own, then put in the following information. (I’ll use myself as an example.)

Species: Dragon
Subspecies: Ice Dragon
Hide Color: Light blue
Underside hide color: Same as main color hide
Genital color: Semi-translucent arctic frosty blue
(Female Reptile Only) Egg Laying/Live Birth? Egg Laying
Eye Color: Brown
Claw Color: Semi-translucent arctic icy blue
Claw Length: 2″
Cold-blooded/Warm-blooded? Warm
Feathers? No
Tail Length: Much as ice dragon’s in comparison to body length
Wings? Yes
Wingspan: 5’00”
Color of Hide Within the Wings: Light green
Plates (spikes on back)? Yes
Plate Length: 1″
Plate Color: Semi-translucent arctic frosty blue
Plate range: From forehead to tip of tail
Human Teeth? No
Human Tongue Shape? No
Digitigrade or Plantigrade (or Unguligrade, if hooved): Plantigrade
Sweat: No
Scaly or Hairy eyebrows: Scaly

It’s recommended you write this down!

3. Think:

Beings of the Cosmos, I’ve a crucial message that I need to have granted. My desire is to become an anthropomorphic (insert species). This is my reference for my new body: (insert the information from step two) I would die for this one simple wish. My reason for wanting to is because (insert a fantastic reason). I’d die for this wish. Please make my dream reality: to become an anthro (insert species).

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