Anthropomorphic Animal Spell


To become an anthropomorphic animal and turn back and forth at will. Do not change in public.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A bit of fur or feathers out of your animal, or its domestic/common counterpart Red candle, brown candle, white candle, black candle, and silver candle Knife Picture or drawing (doesn’t have to be by you) of your new form New moon Silver pencil or markers Nighttime Outside with lots of space

Casting Directions for ‘Anthropomorphic Animal Spell’

Take the candles and set them up like this: Put the silver candle closest to you, and on the left and from it place the white candle and black candle, respectively, and move them up a bit so it makes a V. Put the red candle to the far left of the silver candle, and the brown to the right, so it makes an M. Sit a bit away from it, about a foot or two, so you don’t get burned.
Hold the picture. Be certain that you want to do this. You will need to pay attention to it; you can not just stop shifting. Now focus on every feature of it. Imagine the changes appearing on you. Imagine being this anthropomorphic animal. Keep focusing until you are sure. It’s good if you are feeling, either ahead or as you concentrate, that you ARE this anthro. That it is you, and you’re it.
Now, light the red candle and chant:

“Unlock the gates into my spirit
Enter my body and make me whole”

Light the brown candle and chant:

“The monster inside stands tall
Stronger than gems to never fall”

Light the white candle and chant:

“Cleanse me and prepare me
Two souls to forever be
An anthro (animal) resides within me
To take shape when I set it free”

Light the black candle and chant:

“Drain all negativity
Fill me with positivity
To welcome graciously
The (animal) deep inside me”

Finally, light the silver candle and chant:

“When I wish it, they come free
And this anthro (creature) becomes me
I take control of their body
And welcome the Gorgeous energy
My soul is here, I welcome thee
Wonderful animal energy
From human to anthro to back I shall transform
Perfectly comfortable in either form
This is my will, so mote it be!”

Now concentrate on the energy of you melding with the anthro’s energy. Imagine changing rapidly, feathers or fur growing in as you change to match the image, then shifting back to human. Imagine orbs or pools of energy filling you, and as they do, you turn into the anthro where they touch. Concentrate on this for some time, then carve pentagrams to the candles in the identical sequence you lit them, then cut your finger and then drip your blood on the candles in the same order. Now take the silver pen and draw a pentagram on the back of the image, before dividing it into approximate fifths, as equal as you can get. Burn a bit on each candle, then snuff them out with the ashes.

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