This is my charm and you will turn into a succubus demon. My friend and I tested it out and it works! .
Based on how experienced you’re by spells that the spell will work after three days.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 red candle 1 game 1 dried up rose Picture of what you want to look like as a succubus (with color) a mirror bathroom alone night (best around 11pm-12am)

Casting Instructions for ‘Succubus’

Draw yourself as a succubus attempt to draw on it.
Write details about it next to the drawing (height, weight, strengths, weaknesses, etc.) Go to the bathroom and place the candle in front of the mirror and light it using the match, place the picture next to the candle and hold the dry increased in your dominant hand. Put your other hand and shut your eyes.

Chant 5 times while imagining yourself on your form.
“O Demons I call to thee,
Bestow on my form that is other,
This form will be a demon,
but not just any demon
A succubus,
The picture I have attracted is what I want to look like in that form.
I will be completely in control over my actions and behavior,
I will have power,
Girls will be jealous over my looks and I will be adored by the men.
I can change into this kind anytime I want,
To transform in my demon form I must say my Entire demon name which will be (Succubus name),
To revert back to my self I must say my complete human name that is (your name),
So like I say So Mote It Be!”

Go outside crush the rose and burn it with the candle
Don’t look into a mirror for 3 days or spell wont work!

Side effects:
headaches (if you drew horns)
Hurting tail bone (if you drew a tail)
lustful and aggressive
sharper teeth
Look similar to your succubus form

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