Stop Turning Into a Mermaid


A reversal spell for people who want to get rid of a mermaid tail. If you stop changing, however, it’ll hard to begin changing again!

You will need the following items for this spell:

Salt Tub of water Towel Shell Sea glass Knife or pin Bowl of water Black candle and white candle Match or milder Hammer

Casting Directions for ‘Stop Turning Into a Mermaid’

Put in the tub, and have them merge into a tail. Then, cover in salt. Prick your finger over the bowl, then prick your tail and allow the blood drip into the bowl. Then, put more salt in your tail and wrap it in the towel before lighting the candles. Start rubbing your tail on the floor to dry it. Concentrate your energy that is mermaid until the black contains the negatives and the the positives. Chant gradually, while holding the sea glass:
I Want to always have my legs
And never have a tail
Even six feet under water
My toes will never scale
This mermaid blessing quickly changed
And now It’s a curse
Quickly, take away this tail
Before it gets any worse
I Want to be human through and through
And run from the sea
As my mermaid body
Is betraying me
And this bond I break
My soul is now set free
And as I end my life that is mermaid
I stay the human me!
Your tail ought to be dry by now, and you ought to have legs. Smash the shell with the hammer, then blow the candles out, sending the mermaid energy away. Wipe the salt off your legs and tidy up, then place the shell pieces in the bloody water and throw it outside. (Dont throw the bowl! Just the water.)

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