Mermaid Transformation Spell


You will possibly turn . This is my dirt transformation spell so bare with me. I hope it works for you. Please tell me your results and tell me a few mermaid spells you know work.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A hot tub Salt Flowers Candles(tail color If no candles have food coloring in the salt Element(ice fire water earth ect) Symbol

Casting Directions for ‘Mermaid Transformation Spell’

Fill up a hot tub and add as much salt as you desire. The more you include the better the results. Add the flowers. Make sure they’re floating. The more flowers the the mermaid you will be. Light you candles(optional) and place them around the edges of the bathroom. Slowly get into your bath. Ensure you have your element and symbol close. Lay in the bath for 3 minutes and then go under water for 3 minutes. Lay you symbol down on you some where and make a circle around the symbol using the flowers petals.
Chant 3x:

I can see the sea and me.
Swimming slowly
And the Gods and Godess
Up above free me
In the hardships of land.
Make me beautiful Aphrodite
Make me have a narrative color of______
My element is ________
My emblem holds my power
Aphrodite holds the promise
Mote it be.

Go under water for 3 seconds and put on your emblem.
Side effects will begin in 3 hours
You may experience…

Hard breathing

Dry skin

Dehydration (during lots of water to ovoid that)

Weak legs

Feeling exposed

Chill mood

When you turn into a mermaid you will most likely need to move to a place near an ocean. No one is to know of your mermaid tail or abilities. Don’t be alarmed. Mermaids dont wear clothes so when you join the others in the ocean you’ll need to be completely naked because that is the way all mermaids are. If you are pregnant or are going to become pregnant refrain from water areas because it’s more challenging to give birth with a tail.

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  1. How long dose it take for you to turn into a mermaid it says when the side effects will start but wen will the transformation happen?


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