This is my own spell so I mark this as: homemade (sort of) Will be half kitty with this unless you mess it up.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Cat Fur (Just Actual) Glass of Milk Anything that’s like a collar that has a bell on (chokie, collar, ribbon, ect) Your Hair Gemstone/Stone to your eye colour

Casting Instructions for ‘Neko’

Set the glass (using the milk) onto a hard service, think to your self, set the collar or what ever on and put the fur in the milk (just 1 strand is fine but make sure that you don’t lose it), then the hair, and the bead. Then chant this 1X.

“Oh goddess of cats make me a neko, let have fangs the length of (length) and claws the length of (span). Please allow my ear length be (span) and my tail length be (span). The collar I use will be for 2 hours after saying this spell and I shouldn’t take it off till then. My ear and tail will be (color) and (furtype). May this spell be complete after 6 weeks of stating it. So Mote It Be.”

-Then drink the milk but be careful not to choke on the bead please. That will be awful.


-It is most certain that you wash that cat hair up but not the human hair since it may lead to problems.

-DO NOT and I mean DO NOT take off the collar in the middle of the two hours. Why? Well it’s gonna be a 50/50 % of you either.1. Turned into a complete cat for the rest of your life OR2. Getting a curse put on you that you can not remove. What’s this curse? Well being human for the rest of your life with no possibility of turning into anything what so ever because the invisible barrier will only block it.

-it’s a good 80% likelihood you will be immortal. But that is where garlic and onions come in. Stay away from them as far as possible or you get it taken away from you. Finest chance of avoiding it’s wearing your collar. It will be like a security charm aganist it so your fine if you have that on.

-Adults may not see your demon/neko side but small children sure well can. Be careful around those.

-You may find the sudden phantom limbs sometimes.

-You will get bad cravings now and again so try to control it.

-You can sense different nekos around, just follow you instincts.

-It does work. You just need to know it will do its job. Not believe. Know.

-You will get a straight on headache in about 5-10 seconds after you do this. If that happens the you’ll know it has worked.

The negative effects is in my bio so I can edit them whenever they change. Hope it works for you guys :3

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