Winged Neko Spell


A spell to give you the ears and tail of a cat (or just replace some words to modify the creature) and a pair of bird wings. There’s also a couple other things.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Cat fur (does not need to be color of ears and tail) Milk A hair out of your head Bowl Feather Gemstone (eyes and wings) Necklace, bracelet, or ring Night, moon in sky, outside

Casting Instructions for ‘Winged Neko Spell’

Sit down and set the bowl in an even surface. Fill with milk. Add cat hair, a few of the fluffy bottom fibers onto the feather, and your hair. Tape a bit of the hair outside the bowl so that you dont swallow it. Add the gemstone. Put on the bracelet/ring and dip it without removing it. If you’re using a necklace, you dont have to put it on yet. Just dip it. Hold the feather into your heart. Chant:

This (item) is connected to this soul of mine
Individual mingles with avian and feline
Two (color of gemstone) wings sprout to full size
As their color fills my eyes.
The ears and tail of a (color e.g. calico, cinnamon tabby) cat grow in
Replacing my ears whenever they come in
I will have retractable fangs and claws
and a homing instinct if, while flying, I am lost.
My perceptions will be enhanced and keen
And my tongue will be demanding so I can wash
While I wish, my kitty wings and parts appear
And when I will them to go, they vanish
Entirely human outside and in.
My eyes return and human ears grow in.
My instincts and heightened sensations stay.
Even when everything else goes away,
When I want to become a winged Neko.
My cat wings and parts will grow
When I need to be a human
My body will return to normal again

This is the wish I ask of thee
This is my will, so mote it be!

(You can read the spell off your telephone if you want.)
When youre done, take the item out. If its a necklace, put it on. Now drink the bowl. If you can, drink like a kitty. Dont consume the human hair , though! You need to drink the feather components and cat hair, but dont choke on the gem.
Negative effects on my profile. You’ll be able to turn into a Neko, avian, winged Neko, or just grow fangs and claws, by focusing on what parts of you alter.
Be careful, just in case your parts grow in while youre in people! If you feel them growing, focus on staying human.

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