Shape Shifting


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Casting Instructions for ‘Shape Shifting’

To begin it’s best to begin with something simple like a ball or a rose or a small object. This technique will take work over time and will undoubtedly become part of your magical lifestyle. Be happy with any advancements you gain as you go.

Breathe deeply and evenly, charge, and slide into a light trance. Let your ideas slow. Let your consciousness sink in your heart (solar plexus). Dont just feel focused, be in your center looking out. Move your center to the subjects centre (The object chosen by you for this work). Expand your consciousness and open up to what it sees, thinks, feels. See what the item was like and what it had been subjected to in the past and possibly what it will yet be. When you are done bring your heart back and expand your awareness again so you reside totally in your body.

Next attempt shape shifting into an animal, a pet would be perfect for this. See through the creatures eyes and hear through its ears. Try out the creatures power of scent. Feel its breathing, heart rate, and through this find its essence and soul. In advanced spell working with this technique you could enable your pet and give it instructions like protect this distance from ill energies.

When shape shifting your heart back to yourself it is good to drain off the excess energy by grounding. If you find yourself driven by unwanted impulses after a relationship consciously put a wall up against the last connection you made. For this simply visualize the energy that connects you to the topic you used as a tube and then wall that tube shut till you decide to open it again. This is particularly necessary if you shape change into an adversary.

Shape shifting into another human is another job. Get an idea of who they are and how they think and feel. Read their future or past by shape shifting their energy time-line. This is a good way to cast a spell,work magic, on them to begin a notion in them. Quite simply; what you think as you are there, by the art of magic and transference, they think of. Try to use this if you have an interview and have met the boss prior to the procedure.

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