Kitsune Shape-Shifting


This spell allows you shapeshift from individual to kitsune and vise versa.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Bright light (Celestial)
Darkness (Void)
Windy place (Wind)
Nothing (Spirit)
Flame (Fire)
Dirt (Earth)
Fresh water (River)
Salt water (Ocean)
Rock (Mountain)
Wood (Forest)
Clock (Time)
Something that makes sound (Sound)

Casting Directions for ‘Kitsune Shape-Shifting’

Celestial- Get as near the light as you can. Now chant this x5 at the least: Inari, goddess over, I plea for thee to make me what I wish to be, a celestial kitsune. Should I be found, I shall be stuck in human form for 24 hours. Allow me to be a bearer of light to mortals. Void- Get in the darkest possible place, chant x5: Inari, the darkness draws me in, and I wish to see it in its fullest.For this to be true, I need you, powerful Inari, to give me this, make me a Void Kitsune. A creature of the dark, my corrupt soul forever yours. Wind- Get in a windy location, chant this x5: Wind, wind blow me away. Inari, if you make me a breeze kitsune, then my life, soul and heart are forever yours. So mote it be. Spirit- Chant x5: Inari, the spirits are calling me to join them, I want to, and therefore I ask of you to make me a spirit kitsune. Fire- Get close flame and chant x5: Fire, sexy and fierce. Alike we are, in this place I beg to you, Inari, to make me a fire kitsune, in my mind, body and soul. Earth- Get dirt in hands and chant x5: Inari, in my hands I hold just part of my happiness, the remainder deoends on you alone. I speak to you now asking to be a earth kitsune. River/Ocean- Dip hand in fresh/saltwater and chant x5: Inari, with my hands at the fresh/saltwater, I plead of you, make me a river/ocean kitsune, and I will forever be in debt. Mountain- Hold stones and chant x5: The mountains, strong and tall, I inquire of Inari to give me control in the business of Kitsune, for life I will be onewith mountains. Forest- Hold wood and chant x5: The wood, sturdy and still, us like me, ontop of a mountain. Standing strong, Inari, make me a forest kitsune. Time- haul clock. Chant x5: Time is important for many reasons, and Inari I ask of you to let me control this in form of a time kitsune, so mote it be. Sound- Hand on thing while chanting this x5: Seems loud and quiet, chaotic and peaceful, I Wish to control it.Inari, please allow me, and make me a sound kitsune

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