Long Life Spell


This spell should give you longer life.

You may need the following items for this spell:

6 candles consecrated and blessed

Casting Instructions for ‘Long Life Spell’

Set up altar to the right of Goddess altar. Always work this spell inside of your scared circle as altar of self. Place candle and representation of self in the middle of pentagram. Place representation and spirit candle at the very point and continue with rest of candles/representations at every point that is elemental. smudge altar:

By this creature of fire, I purify this space. May my hopes and ambitions rise in this veil of smoke and become one with the universe. With every breath I take may I be permitted by the light of the Goddess. So mote it be.
Light spirit candle.

Gracious Goddess who walks through the mists of time, my need of you is endless but tonight I ask just for power. Satisfy my being with your strength and be with me this night that I could be permitted by your gifts of life. Hold true this spell I work. Blessed Be.
Light Earth candle.

Uriel, intune my magick with character. Allow me to judge not the path or people before me trust in the Goddess to light the way. Allow me to be reminded of this daily. Let my eyes be open to the real meaning of life. As we come in the Earth we will go back to the Earth, let me not forget your true treasures. So mote it be.
Light Air candle.

Rapheal, fill my soul with knowledge. Let my abilities grow and my intuition be endless. I claim my birth as witch, enable me and let me all that is wise. I promise that the magick to work this spell tonight. So mote it be.

Light Fire candle.

Michael , let my desires be powered with endless energy and develop into full manifestation. Let my job be prosperous and the law of three protect me and mirror against all that do wrong. So mote it be.

Light Water candle.

Gabriel, Keep my family safe and allow our love for each other be abundant. . Let my path be in joy surrounded by family and friends. Let our love last through the life times ahead. Bless us. So mote it be.

Light Self candle.

I, _______ take the energy given and honor it. I reach for strength from the blood that is life its self to keep my body a temple in light and health. Let all dis-ease leave me. Allow my charkas glow bright with equilibrium and wellness. Blessed Be.
I am _____ . I am a priest/priestess of my God/Goddess. This is my bidding and these are my words. May this spell not reverse, or place upon me any curse. So mote it be.

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