Dolphin Transformation Spell


I had a conversation with Dolphine, the god of dolphins, and my spirit animal( also a dolphin) about how I could turn into a dolphin. They granted me the spell and it has worked for me at least 6 times.

You will need the following items for this spell:

• 1 Quartz Crystal • 2 tsp salt • 1 cup of water • 1 tbsp large enough for your hands • Your body • Full Moon Strong belief in gods and magic. Morph suit and paste (optional)

Casting Instructions for ‘Dolphin Transformation Spell’

Step 1: Take the water and salt and mix together in the bowl.
Step 2: Take the Quartz Crystal and place it in the middle of the bowl.
Step 3: Put both hands into the bowl.
Step 4: Say this spell:

Dear Delphine, god of dolphins, I wish to become a dolphin. I want to serve you for as long as I shall live. Fuse my legs together into a long, gray dolphin tail. Shrink my arms and legs into nothingness. Sprout me two sets of gills on the sides of my neck, turn me into a dolphin. Make my body grow two flippers and a beautiful shiny dorsal fin, transform me into a dolphin. Stretch my mouth into a snout, with rows of beautiful sharp teeth, transform me to a dolphin. I’ll forget everything about my past and I will never regret being a dolphin. I will obey my master and always do as he says. I’ll be stuck as a dolphin forever and will never regret it. That is my wish, I ask of thee, this is my will, so more it be.

After that you will start to transform into a dolphin shortly after you say the spell. You will be stuck as a dolphin forever and will always be a dolphin. Enjoy your new life as a dolphin! Message me your results.

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