Control the Darkness


I don’t tride this spell before but I noticed my friend do this before once I saw him control the darkness my eyes were poking out of my face and I do not care if you laugh if you see this summary so proceed laugh if you want its worth it.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Night time at any given time 2 White candles 1 Red candle Bowl of your blood Knife Voice

Casting Directions for ‘Control the Darkness’

This is the spell that will allow you to control the darkness so get your 2 wight candles,1 red candle, your knife,a bowl then go outside then light the candles all three of them. First step is to cut yourself on both of the rists. Second step is two put your bloodstream in the bowl. Third step is to maintain the two wight candles on both palms. Sixth step is to place the 1 red candle in front of you then chant these words:

Oh gods of darkness please let me control the darkness only for tonight.

Simply say it five times then once youve doen a giant wid will lift you up then you can walk on the air that lifted you up then you will have the ability to control the wind that is carying you.

NowI will let you know how to control it.

First in case you would like to go up the move your body up til your on your tipy toes thats how you’ll move up. Second is if you would like to go down you have to go in a crouching posision then you are going to go down. Third is if you want to go lef you need to move your body left. Fourth is if you want to go right you have to move your body right.

Caution: If you jump wile the atmosphere that is carying you the air that is carying you will disapear and you’ll fall down.

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