Darkness Spell I


For people who would like to be at peace with all the darker side of the Universe, or people who simply need to find inner peace in a new way.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Preferred atmosphere for optimum results: a dark or somewhat dim area with something loose and soft beneath you, and peaceful music if you want
1 blindfold or strip of cloth to act as such
1 open mind and soul
1 reassuring object (not mandatory but suggested for those overcoming their phobia)

Casting Instructions for ‘Darkness Spell I’

Sit almost like you’re kneeling, only with your lower legs crossed (for protection from whatever negative or possibly horrific manifestations your mind might create), I predict this Cross Position (in may be used in later Darkness Spells. If you are feeling more relaxed in meditation position (sitting firm on the ground with your legs crossing in the knees), then please feel free.
Next observe your present environment VERY closely (it is recommended that it be clean to make this easier) taking into consideration every major and minor detail for assurance when you begin the next step.
Now extinguish every possible light source nearby, and put the blindfold or veil on around your eyes. This for some is the hardest part as it involves opening your mind to the darkness around you.
If you are feeling unnerved or fearful, just say the following in your mind or if that is what you prefer:
“From the darkness of the night; allow all of the darkness turn to light!” Now envision the frightening or upsetting image disintegrate into sparkling dust.
For those unafraid, imagine a starry night with whatever stage of the moon you would like, a shimmering city underwater in twilight, an open plain with a nighttime sky and dreamy wispy clouds, or perhaps just shadow itself all around you; the point is you decide what you see, and make it as wonderful or easy as you like!

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