This spell will turn you into a mermaid when you get wet.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Bath tub filled with salt water Many (actual) seashells Necklace (symbol) Empty cup or glass

Casting Instructions for ‘Mermaid102’

Set your necklace on. Then fill a bath tub with water. If you dont have salt water to fill the tub, dump salt into the bath. Make sure you are still completely dry. Do not get a drop of water on you, until everything is set and you are going to say the spell. Now arrange the seashells around the bath tub. Put 1 seashell in the tub over the drain (drop the seashell in lightly and make sure it doesnt make a splash).

Take a deep breath and shut your eyes for 3 minutes after performing this. When you open your eyes enter the bath. Now take the necklace off and allow it to sink to the bottom of the tub. Close your eyes for 3 seconds and take easy deep breaths. Relax. Now you’ve opened your eyes (slowly) pick the necklace up and put it on (make sure that your necklace is long enough that you can see the pendant/symbol/charm ).

Now stare into the pendant/symbol/charm and chant this spell 3 times (concentrate on the pendant and unwind):
Glass of the sea, shine upon me.
Eye of the sea, give me with fins.
Make me a mermaid.
Human no more, away from the shore.
Now Im finally liberated, to escape humanity.
Now that you’ve said the spell, take the cup and fill it up with some of the tub water. Take on sip over the water, but don’t swallow. Now close your eyes and go under water completely (fully submerged) for 3 minutes with a mouth filled with the salt water. Once 3 seconds pases bring only your face over water and open your mouth.

Allow the salt water fall (roll) from your mouth. When the salt water is totally out of your mouth take slow deep breaths. Leave the seashells around the tub for the remainder of the bath. Now that the spell is completed you can finish your bath or anything. Do not forget that if you take the necklace off you will break the spell. Although nausea and headaches are among the major side effects of the spell. So in case you didnt take off your necklace as you are having nausea or headaches – not to worry.

Side Effects




Tightness in legs

Any unusual changes in legs

And weird feelings in legs

Water addiction



Occasionally nausea (this is rare)

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