Mater Dolorosa


This spell was found in certain Roman Archives and it had been used like a prayer to Ceres to help a woman have a child. It is only for females( animals or human beings).

You will need the following items for this spell:

Water long yellow candle long green candle fertility acrylic golden coin( as big as mother’s stomach)

Casting Directions for ‘Mater Dolorosa’

The mother must stay in a bed and also to be very comfortable.

When to the spell:
If the mother was borned from 21st december to 1st may, it is far better to perform the spell in this time period. If the mother was born from 1st May to 31st october, it’s better to do the spell in this time period. If the mother was borned from 31st october into 21st december, don’t perform this spell.
(If you are born at the S emisphere, send me a mesage to recalculate this things, because what I wrote is just for the N component of the planet.)
Perform this spell.

How to Put the candles:
In her right side has to stay the gold candle and in her left side her green candle, if she was born out of 21st december to 1st may. If the mother was born out of 1 st may to 31st october, the green candle will stay in her right and the gold candle in her left. If the mother was born from 31st october to 21st december, this spell wil never work.

Put the coin on mommy’s belly.
Put the water on mother’s abdomen and take the jar with the fertility oil in your hands.
Move around mother and chant:
“Ceres Mater Agrorum, the Goddes of Fertility, join us today as we beg for your presence”
Then pour the oil on the future mother.
“Today we unite in your title to procreate our human nature”
light the candles.
” Our beloved adoptive mother, please give to the mother the opportunity to give birth a boy or a girls who will love you ’till will return to you”.
Set the coin on mother’s belly.
“we cover you with gold for the soul you will put in her”
“Blessed be your name, mother
We chant in your title, your title be poured in her body
So that will she give birth.”
Then take the coin and stay in untill that person will give birth. Take her baby and invite to Ceres, and then give the baby the coin and place it in a necklace so that the baby will wear it untill he/she will have 12 years old. At 12 years old, bless the baby in the name of Sun.

The ritual is over when the candles will burn.
“it is up to Ceres if She’ll want to give birth through that mother, so this spell might not work for everyone|
Ceres will just raise your fertility, of course you will have to make love to a men to give birth to a baby”

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